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Marketing your business correctly can be the key to success. 
Social media provides a fantastic platform to allow you to display your work to your clients, appeal to new potential clients, and stay in contact and answer questions that anyone may have. It is vital to establish your own unique BRAND IMAGE. This will help identify your business in what is a highly saturated market. You want to stand out and engage with your audience. You want all to know the amazing qualities and ethics you have built your business on. This may be from the brands you use and giving your clients background into those for example…. Are they vegan friendly? IF YES, make sure your clients know! You can also define your brand image through your style, colours, logo, aesthetics, as well as your story. People like the personal touches! If you want people to invest in your services, make sure you are providing them with transparency. So, they know what they are getting! They also would love to know a bit about you and how you’ve got to where you are today. This helps develop those key CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. 
Customer Loyalty
Developing Customer Relationships is KEY! It is great that you can have conversations with your clients when they are in the salon. But Social Media allows this to be developed further. Below I have written up some example which may help to display how you can develop this. 
1. Host a Q&A. Allow your customers to send in any questions they may have about pricing, course availability etc. And answer them in a video format as this creates a more personal tone. This would be great to do on your Instagram/Facebook stories as then other people who may not have asked the question but be wanting to know can see this. (this will also help to avoid people asking you the same questions again and again.) You may then choose to save this section to your highlights under ‘Q&A’s so people can refer back to this at anytime 😊 
2. Competitions: Everyone loves the chance to win a prize! So, if you have a new offering for example a new facial you want to raise people’s attention to, why not offer one for free! Terms and conditions can apply – For example Repost this image and tag a friend below for the chance to win a FREE FACIAL! By getting your followers to repost your chosen image to their own story you’re spreading the word of your business to many more followers. Once you have then chosen your competition winner you may ask them to provide you with a review of the treatment that you can post to your social media and they can also repost this to their own. This allows you to once again reach a larger number of potential customers as well as promoting one of your new services to any existing customers. This is a low-cost way to help increase your advertising and creating an interactive environment for your clients. 
3. Day to Day Posts: It is important to keep your clients kept up to speed with the day to day stuff as well as the other exciting things like competitions. Instagram and Facebook stories are the best way to keep people up with the day to day things as they last for 24 hours. (unless you think it’s something important then you can save it to your highlights on Instagram) You may want to post things such as your walk/drive to work in a time-lapse video, your morning coffee, your thoughts for today sharing any ideas you may have for example if you’re thinking of making a change in your salon – ask the opinion of your customers with a poll! This will help create engagement all allow your customers to feel at the centre of your business! 
I hope this is enough to help get you started with your social media plan! Maybe print off a calendar today and start to schedule in your ideas and when you want to do them. If you would like any more inspiration for your social media please feel free to send us a message on Facebook and Instagram and we will try to offer you any advice we can 😊 
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