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How social are you? 

It’s a new year and its time for your business to be more social! No matter how small of a business everyone can benefit from being more interactive on social media. 
Understandably it may seem daunting at first! But as soon as you become used to your chosen platform it will just become more natural and I’m sure you will soon see the benefits. 

Make it easier for yourself: 

It is important not to post lots of social media just for the sake of it! Each post should be of high quality and give the right image for your business. It also reduces the amount of time you’re required to be posting if you just select the good quality images. 
You don’t need to be on everyone social media platform! To avoid becoming overloaded by a range of social platforms its best to pick 1 or 2. This way you have less to keep an eye on, so when clients are messaging you, they are more likely to receive a speedy response. Personally, I believe the best social platforms for the hair and beauty industry to be Facebook and Instagram. Read below for my reasons why, and how to make the most out of these platforms… 


Facebook is the most popular social networking platform, with 2.41 billion monthly active users. Facebook allows potential new clients to have an easy way of contacting you and view your fantastic work. You can also advertise your free appointment spaces or paid for ads to reach a large audience in your area to try and generate more business! 
It is important for your Facebook to be transparent giving customers a good insight into your business. This will not only generate engaging content but will help you to grow your business. 
You may already be extremely busy and not looking to take on anymore clients. However, Facebook is not all about attracting new customers. It is also extremely beneficial to developing existing customer relationships. This gives you the chance to share information with all your clients to ensure they are updated with your latest offers and treatment list. 
Facebook - Social Media for Business


Instagram - For Beauty and Hair
Instagram is great as it works as a portfolio for all your work! So, when you have that perfect photo of your amazing manicure or that fresh balayage you need to Instagram it! This is your own advert to display your best work. This is what potential clients will look at before coming to your salon. You want to entice them in! 
It is important to use original content created from your salon and to create a recognisable image with your Instagram that represents the key features of your business. You want to stand out and be identifiable in a competitive environment. 
Invest in your Instagram: We live in a world where people focus on the details! The things that may seem so small can be extremely important to success on social media. You may have perfected the bouncy blow-dry, your client is happy! But think of the amazing opportunity to photograph your work. A good quality camera, good lighting and a beautiful backdrop are three key ingredients in ensuring your photos are Instagram worthy! 
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